Why Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business?

Why Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business?

Why Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business?

So you’ve been thinking about leaving the “rat race” and starting your own thing. You know, experiencing the joys of being a¬†business owner, working your own hours, having the flexibility to attend to the children and having mommy time in between.

Or perhaps you’re a real-go-getter, and you’ve seen the kind of lifestyles self-employed people enjoy, and you want a piece of that cake too!

In this blog I’m going to show you why it’s a great idea to start your own VA business, what pitfalls to look out for and how to make a success of it.

Why it’s a great idea to strike out on your own

  1. It costs little to nothing to start a VA business
  2. You already have years of working experience you can draw on
  3. You can start your business with the minimum marketing collateral
  4. You can teach yourself how to build your own website and then offer this as a service
  5. You call the shots, so you work flexible hours which are best suited to you
  6. You can demand an hourly rate that fits your budget
  7. You can work for any one in the world, from any where in the world

Be mindful of these pitfalls

  • Don’t become complacent when it comes to marketing and keeping your sales funnel filled. Keep hustling. Just because you’ve signed up 2 or 3 clients, doesn’t not mean they’re going to stay with you forever. Marketing is a daily action.
  • Understand the real importance and weight behind having a developed brand, a nicely rounded off website and very professional business cards. All of these things counts in your favour in the long run, each in their own unique way.
  • Get comfortable with being¬†un-comfortable, that’s right, growth starts outside of your comfort zone. Remember, you’re now running a business, so you need to understand all the complexities and aspects that running a business brings.

How to make it a success

  1. Be goal-oriented : set yourself daily, weekly, monthly achievable goals. And reward yourself when you do succeed at achieving each goal, no matter how small!
  2. Get focussed : make sure that you have a daily strategy for implementing your goals
  3. Hire an accountability coach : get someone to hold you accountable, to keep you motivated and make sure that you aren’t straying from the path to success
  4. Keep hustling : make sure that you keep up to date with all the trends that will help grow your business, up-skill yourself at any opportunity you get, keep learning every day, and always remember to follow up, follow up, follow up

Go be great, make magic of your chosen career and have an amazing entrepreneurial day!


  1. Hi, thanks for the wonderful article. I recently launched my VA website at http://www.virtualassistbuzz.com. Marketing is a huge problem and I really need to generate traffic to engage with potential customers. Do you have any marketing tips?

    • Hi Eva, one of the things I would look at is what is above the fold on your website? What do you do and how can you help the visitor to your page?

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