How to easily turn a client into a long-term contract

How to easily turn a client into a long-term contract

How to easily turn a client into a long-term contract

You should be super proud of yourself! You’ve started your own Virtual Assistant business, you’re getting clients through the door, and they are thrilled with your service offering!

And yet, these clients come and they go, you just cannot seem to get them to sign on long-term or at least stay with you for a couple of months.

I know you’re feeling frustrated, underwhelmed and at your wits end on how to get them to become long-term contracts. Let’s go through a couple of ways that I can help you with this.

Marketing Strategy

What is your strategy when it comes to marketing to these clients? Are you using the “fling mud against the wall approach” and hope something sticks? You need to have a solid working plan when it comes to your monthly and yearly marketing strategy. You absolutely need to know who your client avatar is, where they hang out, how to capture their interest. Then you’ll need to understand what value proposition you are offering them. Are they seeing you as a fly-by night kind of business? If you’re not showing your clients the value you bring to the table, then they’re certainly not going to see this through with you!

One-Time Projects

Ask yourself this question, does most of your current client base consist of once off projects? Clients who desperately needed assistance with an urgent project, never for you to see them again? Set the tone for this type of project. Should you be approached by a prospective client to run a one-time project, indicate to them that you don’t usually do this kind of thing and as your diary is pretty booked up you’ll need to check where you can fit them in. Why would you do this? In this manner you’re showing them that what you offer is an exclusive support service for clients who will stay the path with you and because of this you value your current clients’ time and would therefore need to somewhere find time for a one-time project. More than likely they would then expect the same kind of value drive when you manage their portfolio.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

The best client retention is to take on a project and completely bowl your client over with how well you managed their account and in the way you’ve delivered results┬áto them. They should be so blown away that they’ll want to hire you for the long-term.

What are their future needs?

When discussing your new client’s current needs, feel confident to ask them about their entire business and their long-term goals. Ask them leading questions so that you can establish where you’ll fit in with them and ensure that you can add value in the long-term.

Remember to follow up on all the proposals you’ve submitted, on all the interest shown in your business. Haul out those old business cards you collected at networking events and make renewed contact with more value add.


The idea is that as a Virtual Assistant you are there to make your client’s life easier, more organised. This is a long-term relationship that you’re getting into, so make sure you get quality clients on board as you invest your time and energy into their projects. Position yourself correctly in the market to the right client and you absolutely will have loads of new clients streaming through the door! Now go out there and make your business known!