Handy Tips on How to Start your Virtual Assistant Business while Working Full-time

Handy Tips on How to Start your Virtual Assistant Business while Working Full-time

Handy Tips on How to Start your Virtual Assistant Business while Working Full-time

Has it been a lifelong dream of yours to eventually leave the rat-race and start your own business? Be your own boss?

There will come a time when you as an entrepreneur will know that it’s a feasible time to quite your day job and venture out on your own. And I get it, it is stressful, transitioning from what is perceived as a secure job with income to a position of ambition and unknown remuneration - especially for the first while.

So let me give you some handy tips on certain actions you can take whilst still working full time.

1. What is your Why?

I’m sure by now you somewhere along the line heard of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, which starts with your Why. If you don’t know what your Why is, specifically in this case, why you want to start a business, then I can tell you right now you’re not going to drive this like you should. Your Why should be so huge, and command such a great chunk of your life, it should be your waking thought and the last thing you think about before turning in for the night. Know your Why - this will drive you, motivate you, get you through those tough times.

2. Get committed to your Vision

You need to be all in! That’s it. If you’re not 100% behind your vision, if you cannot see yourself doing this for the long-term, it won’t be successful. You need to commit, emotionally, mentally, physiologically. There is no safety net now. You either do or die. As an Entrepreneur, you do. You don’t quit, there are no excuses. Know this before you start on this journey.

3. Start crafting a Plan for your Business

And I don’t mean a business plan. Craft a blueprint. This will be a living document that will help formulate your idea into an actionable plan and successful business. You need to know how you’re going to get from here to there, and a blueprint will spell it out nicely for you. Always start with the end in mind and then reverse engineer how you’re going to get there.

4. Learn Daily

At night when everything has settled spend your time learning as much as you can about the industry you want to enter, about your business, about your competitors. Make it your mission to immerse yourself in as much knowledge as possible. Read business books, listen to audios. Surround yourself with other successful people and learn from them.

5. Stay positive with daily goals

While you’re keeping positive about your day job (and it’s important to keep recognizing positive things about where you currently work!) plan weekly goals for yourself. These should be measurable and completely achieveable. Give yourself milestones and timelines, so that you know in 6 months time for instance, you are ready to start full time with your Virtual Assistant business. All in! Rearing to go!

Keep focused, remain motivated, remember your Why at all times - I know you’ll start a highly successful Virtual Assistant business. Go get ’em!

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