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Hey VA’s! 

How many times have you caught yourself thinking “How do other VA’s do it? Where do they find their clients?” Naturally you’re ecstatic for your fellow colleagues, but you just wish you could be like them!

I’m certain all the top VA’s won’t mind me sharing this secret sauce with you. Ready?

They invest in themselves... That’s right, not in their business. In.Them.Selves. They hire a VA Coach.

By understanding that the VA industry has been around for a long time they realize that instead of struggling by on their own, but by investing a little time and money in mentoring from industry leaders, they can take their VA business to the next level.

If I told you that you could build a thriving Virtual Assistant business in just a hour a month, what would you say?

That’s not a typo! Invest in yourself just a hour a month, and in that hour I could show you how you can change your mindset to make your business boom!

Do you realize you’re an entrepreneur, not a “jobholder”? It’s a common mistake, but let’s change your perception.

Always remember, YOU run a business!

If you find yourself bending over backwards and accommodating every client whim, you may be horrified to hear that you’re an employee, not a VA business owner.

Only when you realize your self-worth will you become a great and valuable asset to your clients.

Think of the future. Wouldn’t it be awesome to say that you’ve built this amazing, reputable, thriving and sustainable business? That clients want to work with you because of your brand, your ethos. Imagine being able to sell your business and at the same time make a profit!

Be fearful of becoming complacent!

We’ve all been guilty of this at some time in our lives. Not the best VA’s though! They are constantly looking at ways to improve themselves, to learn, grow and expand.

I will personally give you the mentoring you need, the advice you desire and make sure you have the know-how to take your business to the next level! To your success!

Virtually yours,


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I was featured on Lionesses of Africa 


“Going forward we want to dominate the South African marketplace (we already have 11 Virtual Assistants in our team) and then move into Africa. We want to own the African space when it comes to outsourced assistance. After that, there’s the rest of the world!”    [Karen Wessels as seen on Lionesses of Africa, view here]


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